The NDIS Workers Screening Check has been introduced as part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Quality & Safeguard Framework from February to July 2021, all over the country.

This is a national approach to how workers are screened for risk-assessed roles. This check will work to make the system consistent across the country and simplify the process. The check will only apply to workers who are in risk-assessed roles.

The Workers Screening Check will assess if a person who works with (or is looking to work with) people with a disability poses a risk to them. It will determine whether a person can work in certain roles with people with disabilities.

All workers engaged in a risk-assessed role for a registered NDIS provider are required to have an NDIS Workers Screening Check. NDIS providers must only employ workers in risk-assessed roles who have been cleared to work by a Workers Screening Check. Unregistered providers who are seeking to become registered will also need a valid check before their audit.

The NDIS Worker Screening clearance expires after five years.

The Worker Screening Check will be done by the Worker Screening Unit. There will be a unit in each state or territory where you will need to apply.

An NDIS Worker Screening Database has been created to hold a register of workers who have applied for an NDIS Worker Screening Check. This means that registered NDIS providers will be able to view the clearance status of workers in the NDIS Worker Screening Database. This will be available through the NDIS Commission portal. Self-managed participants and unregistered providers will also be able to access the NDIS Worker Screening Database. However, they will need to apply for access by completing an application form.

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