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Living with Dementia is a challenging task that not only adds a limitation to patients’ social activities but often makes them frustrated and anxious in their lives for not being able to retrain or recall the needed information.

Preventing Unnecessary Institutionalisation

To minimise such things from happening, Heaven Care Group works closely with the patients, their families, and primary caregivers to devise a suitable plan for Dementia patients. 

Dementia is a general term employed for the limitations and issues related to memory retaining and memory loss. The common symptoms of Dementia include:

  • Inability to recall past events
  • Incoherence in speech and actions
  • Limited cognitive and receptive skills
  • Difficulty in adapting to sensory or physical change
  • Inability to orient things 

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What do we offer?

For individuals diagnosed with Dementia, we offer home-care services to help them stay functional and active in their daily routines. 

Specialist Dementia Advice

We allow you access to our specialist panel that provides a series of strategies and choices to cope with your diagnosed Dementia.

For people availing our home services, we offer day respite care, in-house respite, and residential respite.

Experienced Staff

We have employed professional staff with experience advisors who provide prompt guidance to individuals and their family members to cope with Dementia. We also have trained nurses and caregivers who are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you operate smoothly in your daily routines. Each of our services is tailored as per your needs to assure that specific and quality service is provided.

Flexibility for Changing Needs

Heaven care group offers the broadest range of dementia services in the whole of Brisbane. We understand that Dementia can occur in multiple forms and levels. Therefore, our services for patients diagnosed with Dementia are also diverse. From individuals with freshly diagnosed Dementia to individuals living with it for years, our services are suitable for all.

Who Can Access Services?

Anyone diagnosed with Dementia, irrespective of their age, gender, or profession, is welcomed to avail our services. You can also track your closest Heaven Care Group service centre using the locate feature available on our app.

Cost of Services?

The Australian government provides full-range coverage to specific subsidies and reduced costs for services related to dementia care. The extent of subsidy available to you depends upon your income. To get detailed information about costs and services, you can always contact us at 0412 168 090. 


Once you have verified your eligibility status on the official portal, you can then reach out to us to avail of NDIS registered home care plans to improve and maintain your daily routines. Contact us now at 0412 168 090.

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