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We have experienced staff to provide you with a holistic range of services to assist you in your daily routines.

For individuals with Permanent or Extensive Disability

We have experienced staff to provide you with a holistic range of services to assist you in your daily routines. We develop exclusive plans for you to suit your needs and also work upon strengthening your abilities. Along with keeping your wellbeing in mind, our goal is to make you an independent and confident individual by working on things which you CAN do; instead of focusing on things that you cannot. 

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As a registered NDIS provider, we offer several support categories.

Support Category

Available Support

Routine Activities

Assistance with routine chores 

Assistance with household chores including cooking, cleaning, grocery 

Overnight stay in case of emergency or critical assistance



Arranging transport and other needed assistance during travel 


Providing needed products for daily care

Assistance with social and community participation 

Recreational activities in isolation, groups or centre-based, to improve social skills 

Providing hygienic, mobility products and other safety products

Assistive technology  


Providing equipment for recreational activities 

Needed tools for household chores

Equipment for prompt communication

Home modifications 

Installation of safety equipment to allow mobility and assistance

Modifying the interior to minimise safety risks

Coordination of supports

Assisting to connect with regional NDIS service providers or finding other community support funds

Teaching navigation of NDISC system, accessing and using Myplace participant portal 

Improved living arrangements

Helping with retaining or obtaining tenancy or  accommodation

Increased social and community participation


Development of interpersonal skills to maximise community participation 

Connecting with volunteer groups to find personality developmental assistance 

Finding and keeping a job

Providing access to employment opportunities through skill assessment and training

Improved health and wellbeing

Rehabilitation exercises to maintain your wellbeing

Detailed diet plan to ensure your health

Improved learning

Coaching and boosting the confidence of individuals who wish to get higher education

Improved daily living

Personalised assessment session and therapies by Allied health professionals 

Career counselling and support

Improving decision-making skills and self-dependency

Special training to learn to drive

Periodic assessments to track progress rate

What is NDIS?

NDIS, an acronym for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an insurance facility providing funds and other assistance to help disabled individuals in overcoming their limitations to be a productive member of the community. 

Individuals between 7 to 65 years of age with significant physical or cognitive disability are eligible to avail NDIS funding. NDIS ensures a comfortable life for disabled individuals by not only providing them with physical assistance but working on their abilities and skills to ensure secure careers for them.  

NDIS Eligibility

To gain access to the perks provided under NDIS, you need to have your eligibility validated by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). Getting validated by NDIA may take up to six months leading up to a roll-out date to ensure prompt providence of the services as soon as your approval is granted.

NDIS Plans & Costs

As soon as you get your NDIS approval, the next step for you is to look for the service providers for the types and nature of services/supports that you need. NDIS is a flexible program which allows you to have full control over the care plan you want for yourself, as per your needs. It enables you autonomy over choosing the nature, duration, and the provider of your services.

Our Approach to Disability Care

Heaven care group is operating for the past few years in improving the lifestyle of its clients. Our organisation is reputed in providing best nursing, home care and other rehabilitation services in Queensland. 

Our personalised care plans take into consideration your individual needs, and strengths to ensure the development of an optimised care routine. 

We bring you all the desired NDIS plans under one label. Whatever and wherever you need it, Heaven care group will make it sure to provide you with the desired services either by ourselves or collaborating with other providers.

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