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Understanding Dementia

We are aware of the challenges involved in being a caretaker, but let us tell you that it is also overwhelmingly rewarding and satisfying.

Information for Carers

We are aware of the challenges involved in being a caretaker, but let us tell you that it is also overwhelmingly rewarding and satisfying. To know that you are liable for someone’s well-being and safety brings with it a sense of responsibility and pride. You feel privileged that you are in a position to help someone to improve their lifestyle. 

However, the duties and obligations associated with this job are immense. You must be fully equipped with the proper knowledge and understanding of what is needed of you as a ‘Carer’ since a grown human being is dependent on you for their safety and health. 

To get yourself prepared for the job, you can browse through the countless suggestions and support available for caretakers, along with some practical strategies to help you transition into the role of a ‘Carer.’

Need clinical advice?

Information and Education

In this technologically advanced world, there is an infinite pool of knowledge that you could tap in, to avail the desired information and education regarding Dementia and understand the type of support your patient will need, depending upon the level of their Dementia.

As a Carer, you can also reach out to Public services and governmental subsidies available to find assistance for dementia patients.

This includes:

  • Professional Advice for Dementia Patients
  • Personal Counselling Sessions
  • Home Services
  • Personal Hygienic Services
  • Meal preparation
  • Transport
  • Assistance with Domestic chores
  • Recreational activities to maintain an active social life 
  • Nursing
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • In-home respite care
  • Day respite centres
  • Overnight respite centres
  • Temporary residential respite in an aged care facility’s dementia wing
  • Full-time care in an aged care facility’s dementia wing
  • NDIS services (for those under 65 years of age)

Your Health & Wellbeing Taking A day Off

As a Carer, your physical and emotional well-being is also essential to ensure the health and safety of the person depending on you. That is where we come in. If you are finding it challenging to balance your social life, we offer temporary home and daycare respite services for you to have some relaxing time for yourself and your family. In availing our respite services, we will be responsible for providing assistance and performing all the major and minor chores, that as a Carer, you are responsible for.

Support groups

There are multiple support groups available across Queensland. As a Carer, it is beneficial for you to stay active in these community support groups and attend online sessions that address Carer’s concerns and also provide prompt guidance relevant to your job. You can learn more about the support groups here.

Looking after yourself

Like we mentioned before, your well-being is just as important as the person you are looking after. Only by being healthy yourself, you will be able to support the person you care for. To assure your mental and physical well-being, you must follow the following parameters:

  • Create a balanced meal plan for yourself. 
  • Make sure to exercise daily
  • Maximize your water intake
  • Observe a healthy sleep schedule
  • Ask for assistance and support when needed
  • Contact Respite services to have some time off for yourself

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