Ever since its introduction in 2013, the National Disability Insurance scheme has grown into one of the largest industries in Australia. Becoming an independent provider has become a career for many, and has the scope of a lifetime! Here are three basic things you need to know before becoming an NDIS Provider:

1) Do all providers need an ABN?

ABN is the abbreviation for an Australian Business Number. ABN acts as an identifier when someone is registering a business for tax and concession. All businesses need such a number to be recognised by the government. If you’re a self-employed individual providing services to one or more scheme participants, an ABN isn’t strictly necessary. You will be personally taxed according to your business income.

But, if your business start to grow and you employ other service providers, you will then be classed as an enterprise and will need an ABN. Even if the growth doesn’t happen, it is extremely beneficial to have a number.

Your clients may feel better if they’re supported by an ABN-registered worker and you may be able to claim tax concessions that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Obtaining an ABN is a simple process, you just need to apply on the Australian Tax Office website.

2) Is Office Space a necessity?

This as well comes doth to the size of your enterprise and the style in which you decide to practice your services. If you are an individual provider of services and supports, an official office base is not necessary since you will not generally receive visits. As your business grows and you employ staff, an office may then become a necessity. Until then, however, it may simply be a needless expense.

3) Who exactly provides the Service?

The services provided by NDIS providers to the participants are widely ranged and highly personalised. Each participant has unique needs and a team of people (the provider, third-party plan managers, support workers, etc) who need to work together in unison to help the participant achieve their goal.

While self-managed participants handle their own needs with an outsourced team, you need to strongly communicate with them about the facilities you can provide and become a part of their plan. For NDIA-managed participants, you will have to register with the NDIS. In this case, you will have to satisfy the governing body of your competence, conform to quality guidelines and safeguarding rules, provide services and that’s how your performance will be monitored.

At the Heaven Care Group, we are experts when it comes to assisting NDIS providers to register and grow their businesses.

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